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Antonio from Real Men Real Style joins me and we go in depth on everything style.  He provides a fairly though guide of how you should dress.  This isn't some foo foo fashion advice, this is timeless style advice that will help you look better.


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Tim Conley joins me as we talk about taking the road of freedom.  We go into how to get control of your time, money and mobility.  We also cover why it is important to get freedom and control of these areas, and how most traditional jobs just kind of suck.

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Nick from comes on the show and we talk about Motivation in your 20’s and why you should start a business with some purpose behind it.  Oh yeah we get into his thoughts on Double D’s and his theory on puddles.  Nick was a blast to talk with and this turned out to be just a really fun episode to record.  

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Do you have goals for this year?  Have you spent time thinking about how last year went for you?  In this episode I recap my year and go over some intresting things I realized over the last year.  I also quickly go over my goals for next year.

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