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Interview with Grant Ellis

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When selecting a niche it is important to create an avatar, think about who would be your 1000 true fans.  In this episode, we will also talk about how to come up with a company and domain name and how to get a logo for your company.

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This is a very common question but in all honesty, it bugs me a little bit because it is SO EASY to come up with an idea.  Some quick tips look around you and see what you spend money on, what are you interested in?  Then spend the next 30 days writing down 1 idea a day!

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  • Welcome to the Effective Ecommerce Podcast
  • I am your host Travis Marziani
  • In this episode story
  • 4 years ago quit my job cold turkey
  • To start an ecommerce business
  • Details about bdancewear and what we do
  • Currently starting a 2nd business
    • Youtube for more details on that
  • Teach ecommerce and do some consulting, as well as running masterminds
  • Please leave a 5 star review on itunes, because each month I will pick someone at random and they will win a free consulting session with me
  • Courses and Shopify
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I am launching a new podcast where I talk about ecommerce so in this episode I am going to be giving you some of my top ecommerce tips!

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