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Paleo Living and Words of Wisdom with Robb Wolf

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Health, Wellness, Nutrition and Life Tips with Christina Sciarrillo

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How To Create a YouTube Business From Your Passion with Matt and Megha

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Not only is Raj an excellent Keto Coach, he has an amazing story on how he escaped the corporate world. This is a must listen to episode for all 20 somethings, full of life, diet and entrepreneurial advice.

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Living In Ecuador and Making A Living Off YouTube with Tristan Haggard

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One of it not the best episode I have ever done period.  This is a must listen to episode for everyone in their 20’s.  Stick around till the end because the episode gets better toward the end.  This episode is full of wisdom.

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Today I'm joined by my friend Hayden Wheatley, Founder & President of Challenger Hair Care. Challenger makes a hair styling cream that I'm actually a big fan of, and Hayden created the business from scratch to the point it is now: selling on Amazon and growing beyond a handful of barbershops in their native Los Angeles. 
We'll dive into the process of starting the business, what the day to day is like, and a lot more in this episode. I'm excited to jump into it!

Starting Your Own Amazon Business Case Study with Hayden Wheatley

Kicking It Naturally:Health and Wellness Advice with T.C. Hale

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The Ultimate health episode with Jesse and Marni Chappus

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