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You need to fuel your body for high level performance and today's guest will tell you how.  On top of that we will discuss his entrepreneur journey.

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Sean is an expert at completely forming his life around his passion which just happens to be Muay Thai.  If you have a passion you wish you could dedicate more time too this is the guy to listen too.  In this episode we dive into real practical advice about how to form your life around your passion and Sean also gives some practical Muay Thai tips.

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This is a great episode about strength, diet, and entrepreneurship with Jim Laird.  Jim is a brilliant guy with a lot of good advice on strength, conditioning, general advice and entrepreneurship advice. 

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In this episode Neely tells us how she escaped the corporate world to follow her passion and rock climb full time. Even if you have no desire to learn to rock climb this is a great episode with a lot of practical tips on how you can escape the corporate prison life.
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Brandon talks about how to increase your fitness levels and shares his personal journey of starting a gym and then transitioning to online coaching.
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