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Alex’s journey in nutrition is interesting because he was originally a preschool teacher, but then after seeing how big of a difference diet made in his kids lives he decided to do a little more research. In this episode not only do we talk about diet, but Alex gives you some great tools for breaking free from the typical 9-5 to go after what you want to do full time.
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In this episode we talk about the ketogenic diet, fasting and other dieting and health tips!
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We all want to live long and healthy lives, but my guest for this episode will help us explore exactly how to do that.  Most people think diet and excise are the two most important factors, but it turns out that although those are important they aren’t the most important. 

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Olive is back and we talk about SEX.  She is writing a new book where she explores the world of sex.

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Jordan is back from 3 months of travel in Europe, and we talk all about it.  We also dive in to some general updates!

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Everybody talks about finding your passion but nobody ever tells you how to do it!  River joins me and we talk about some practical tips for finding your passion.

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Cliff from Podcast Answer Man comes on the show and we talk about how to start and grow your podcast, along with how to make and sell online courses.  This has been one of my favorite episodes to date, full of actionable tips and I personally learned a lot from it.  This is the kind of episode that makes me happy to have a podcast, because I was able to basically get a free 1 on 1 consulting session from Cliff who normally would charge thousands of dollars for an hour of his time.  I am going to relisten to this episode…which is rare for me since I was there for the entire episode!

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In this episode Jordan and I have a little recap!

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  1. Travel Somewhere Cheaply for a month at a time to learn a new skill
  2. Learn new skills online
  3. Start a business with little capital
  4. Start a Vlog, podcast or something to grow a following
  5. Study abroad (even outside of college)
  6. Explore entrepreurship
  7. Move somewhere new
  8. Explore Your Home Country
  9. Volunteer
    1. Meditation
  10. Experiment with new things
    1. Small talk
  11. Make new friends (online)
  12. Try Art / Learn a musical instrument
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Here are 3 things I found that I am lacking in that leads to success.  In this episode I give you the secrets I have found for success plus an update on my life, plus some goals and some other cool stuff.

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In this episode I let my friend Jordan Urbanovich take the reigns as he drives across country having interesting conversations.  

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Work is not something we want to do forever, or at least the kind of work we don’t enjoy.  Seven figures is probably enough for most of us, once we are millionaires we can be a little bit pickier on how we spend our time, but how do we get there?  In this episode Todd Tresidder and I explore how to get to seven figures. 

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Self-improvement is why you probably are listening to this show, so in this episode we dive in a little deeper than normal

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Sex is an integral part of travel and life, so today we talk about how to make it a little bit better.  This convo goes all over the place and is not for the kids

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People say that entrepreneurs are a little crazy, well when Shawn told the world he was quiting his extremely lucrative law practice to start a chocolate company people thought he was a little crazy.  This is an amazing story about what it takes to succeed in business and life; and oh yeah theres a lot of talk about chocolate!

Your brain is your life, and in this episode we talk about ways to sharpen it up from meditation to nootropics to neurofeedback.  On top of that Dr. Hill shares a little bit about the development of his own brand of nootropics.  Entrepreneurship and brain hacking in one episode…yeah you better bet I enjoyed this conversation.

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The show will now be every other week.

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In this episode I do a quick review of my goals from 2015 and share my goals for 2016.  

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In this episode I recap my top 25 lessons I learned from 2015.  Some of them are from episodes but a lot of them are just random things I learned about myself.


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