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Pat Flynn is one of the kings of passive income and in this I ask him some questions about obtaining passive income the smart way.  My goal with this episode is to ask him about some actionable tips for building wealth and passive income; I also tried to ask questions I have not heard him answer on his own or other podcasts

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Success comes from a few things, but one thing every successful person seems to have in common is a great mentor.  For a hustler it can be hard to find the time to get a mentor, or to figure out how to actually attract a mentor to you.  In this episode Geoff Woods joins me and we go over how to get a mentor and network like a pro to jump start your success.

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Starting and growing a business isn’t as hard as you think, and in this episode we go over the general principles all businesses could benefit from.  Paul Kirch joins me and we talk about how to validate a business, getting your own personal board of directors and how to sell.

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Money, Money, Money, we all like to pretend like its not important, but everybody wants more of it.  It is what we exchange for freedom, pleasure and so much more.  There are easy ways for you to make more money right now, no matter where you are at.  In this episode we start by talking about how you could make more money at your job, how you can get a side thing, and ultimately how you can do your new business full time.

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Getting more done is really one of the keys to life.  Whether you use technology or your own brain to get more things done, everyone can agree productivity tips are always welcome.  My guest today is Zach from the productivity show

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