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Do you have purpose in your life?  My guest today Zephan certainly does.  He is a great example of a 20 something that found out that his life path wasn’t taking him where he wanted to go and actually did something about it.  Listen to the episode to find out more details, this episode is extremely inspiring and will make you realize you too can do something awesome with your life.

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Everyone wants to be smarter, do more, and be more successful, while my guest today is going to share some secrets on this topic.  Lucas is an extremely successful entrepreneur and he is only 24.  I was excited to have him on the show, so I could personally learn his secrets.

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Are you ready to hustle, work smart and hard?  My guest today Jacques does both of those, in fact he does it so well he teaches other people how to do it.  Lucky for us he is going to share all his secrets with us for free…this was a great episode and I learned a ton.  It was one of those episodes I will have to listen to again and again.  

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Johnny FD joins me and we talk about how you can quit your job, work for yourself and travel like a BOSS.  This episode is for anyone looking to get into the nitty gritty of how they can actually quit their job and do something cool with their life.

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