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Saving Money while traveling is easy and can actually be fun.  There are a ton of tips in this episode on how you can travel to your dream location without breaking the bank.  

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The world is full of great products…that no one knows about.  Today we learn about marketing, specifically how to market and sell your ebook.

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Write 50,000 words in just one day!  That is what Matt did, and you can do it too.  Even if, like me, you think writing that many words in one day is a little extreme, this episode will give you a ton of great tips on how to write a book in record time!

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You are amazing, and don’t you think the world should know this?  In this episode Michael Peggs and I talk about how to build your own brand.  This episode is filled with practical advice to help you present yourself in a better light, which is crucial for entrepreneurs, but can be very helpful even for those 9-5ers.

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