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Crossfit is great for people looking to get strong and have fun.  If you have always wanted learn more about Crossfit but don’t know where to start, then this episode is for you.  We go over all the basics of what Crossfit is and how to start.

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What makes a great city for single guys to check out; and where are the best cities?  In this episode the author of Traveling Tipsy joins me and we talk about each of our favorite cities, with emphasis on which cities are best for the single guys to hit up.  We highlight 11 of our top cities including at least one city I guarantee you never have heard of. 

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Are you a single woman looking to travel the world?  Then you need to listen to this episode, Candice, from the blog “Candice Does the World” talks about what she thinks are the best locations for single women to visit. 

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Heather has interviewed over 50 New York City Based 20 somethings, and she has learned a little bit about what it takes to be successful in your 20’s.  Her advice is timeless and beautiful and this episode is both inspiring and filled with little tips to help you realize you’re not alone.