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Steven Dar, the writer of profit hacking joins me to talk about how you can hack your profit and make more money.  We go into detail on the three best methods to get more profit out of your business, increasing traffic, increasing conversion rates, and getting more value per customer.  If you make money online this is a must listen to episode, and if you don’t make money online the principals in this episode can change your view of the world.

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Hilarity and inspiration ensue in this episode as I talk with the members of puppet Shakespeare.  We talk about why it’s important to do what your passionate about, and the benefits and disadvantages of choosing a career in the arts. 

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Have you ever wanted to increase your intelligence?  What if I told you there is a pill that could do just that, well the truth is there are plenty of things you can take right now that will do just that!  In this episode me and Jesse from Smart Drugs Smarts talk all about smart drugs and how to improve your brain performance.  

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If you have ever wanted to write a book, this is the episode for you.  Self-publishing makes writing and releasing a book easier than ever.  In this episode we dive into tips and techniques on how to write a great book, get edited and every step up to and including getting it published.

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Museums may seem boring to you, but they are actually incredibly awesome.  In this episode we talk about how to hack museums to make them more enjoyable and how to make it so you get the most out of them.

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