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Want to learn how to make an iPhone app?  Or maybe you want to learn computer programming?  Either way I highly recommend checking out this episode which is just packed with great information.  We go over the basics on how to make and release an iPhone app and how to teach your self programming or really anything.

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Are you in a walking trance?  Break out of it with this episode, and learn some of the secrets on how to succeed outside the corporate world.  James Schramko joins me and he shares some of his best secrets on how to succeed and accomplish your goals, including the important aspects of investing in yourself.

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A guide to drinking whiskey, and be classy while doing it.  In this episode we learn how to properly drink whiskey, what whiskey is and how it is made.  We also mixed in a little bit of history about whiskey as well.  So if you like George Washington and being classy this episode is for you.

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Unintentionally Celibate Star, Olive joins me and we talk all about sex, her hilarious stories and she shares some words of wisdom.  Olive is an amazing person, and this episodes is one of my favorite episodes yet.