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Adam is an all around amazing guy, but today we talk about creating a successful YouTube channel, and he is a bit of an expert on this topic.  He shares everything you need to know to have a successful YouTube channel and he give a few awesome tips about how to improve your life.  This is a must listen to episode.

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Finding Your Purpose, Passion and Work You'll Love

In this episode we explore the topic of how to find work you will love, what your passion is, and what your true purpose is. I have Therese Schwenkler of The Unlost, and although she wouldn't call herself an expert on these topics, she has a lot of very insightful information that we can all learn from.

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Meet Joel Nelson, he was extremely wealthy and successful in the western sense of the world, but he was unhappy. So he gave away all his possessions and meditated, did yoga and learned about Buddhism everyday for 3 years. Now he is back to making his way through the world, only this time wants to do it in an ethical way.

This is episode is just an intro to what this podcast is all about with a lot of back stroy on me.  This episode goes into detail about my story and why I wanted to start a podcast.  If you are intrested in my story I highly recommend you listen to it, but if you just want awesome content that you can learn awesome things from, check out one of the other episodes.

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